Brand, New.

When I started this small, little, itty bitty business four years ago, I had much different ideas of what Mercury Mercury was going to be and what it would stand for. My original logo was almost a placeholder. Just to get it together and get the work out there under a brand. You know, to look like an actual big-girl business. But over the last few years the idea behind the brand has evolved and changed. I guess the name really does justice to the way this brand has grown, it’s every changing and easily slides into new spaces, and fills niches.

Here’s something you might not know. I have a BFA in graphic design. Ok, so that might make it seem super simple and convenient to be your own designer but guess what! Nope! The task of wrapping up the entire world of ideas amassed over years in your own head is tough! It’s hard to even get started. I sat on these new designs for over a year going back and fourth, doubting, re-doubting, totally frozen. The only thing I could do is finally sit down with it and commit.

And so here she is! The new Mercury Mercury in her glory! The new look encompasses the phases change, the elemental nature of the brand. The colors based on the place the brand was born, the SouthWest. The lines and elements of the logo itself reflect some of the favorite pieces in the collection. Basically it’s everything I like to make with the added benefit of being what I like to look at.

Anyway, thanks for taking the ride with me over the past few years. And thanks to all the gorgeous people who have built me up and offered their love and sometimes a gentle kick in the ass to get me going. It takes a village right?

Kate Wingrove